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ThinkReliability has led major investigations in nearly every industry . In these workshops you will learn to apply cause-and-effect thinking to your problems through visual communication using our Cause Mapping® method.

Problem Analysis
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Communication Techniques
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Solution Identification
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Prevention Culture
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Investigation Documentation


Our Cause Mapping workshops will benefit anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving, investigation and problem communication skills. These skills are essential regardless of your industry or role within your organization. All of our workshops cover the fundamentals of effective problem solving and show you how to expand this process based on the complexity of the problems you work.


  • Learn how to navigate complex issues
  • Apply fundamental cause-and-effect relationships
  • Facilitation strategies for leading a problem-solving group
  • Drive "prevention" instead of "blame" during an investigation
  • Build a cumulative Cause Map to share across your organization
  • Efficiently organize and document a complete investigation

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Who should attend?

From leadership to front-line,  employees who are required to understand and perform root cause analysis (RCA), lead investigations, solve complex problems and document will benefit from these workshops.


Meet Our Instructors



Mark Galley - President, Instructor, Investigator, Certified Reliability Engineer

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Aaron Cross - Cause Mapping RCA Investigator, Instructor & Program Developer

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Loyd Hamilton - Cause Mapping RCA Investigator & Instructor

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Jon Bernardi - Cause Mapping RCA Investigator & Instructor

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Holly Maher - Cause Mapping RCA Investigator & Instructor

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