Cause Mapping Certified Facilitator Program 

Take your Cause Mapping skills to the next level. Our Cause Mapping Facilitator Certification program can give anyone the confidence and proficiency necessary to lead complex high-risk incident investigations.

Problem Analysis
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Communication Techniques
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Solution Identification
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Prevention Culture
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Investigation Documentation
Be THE resource in your organization

Regardless of your industry, effective problem solving is a skill that is in high demand. Gain the skills that allow you to reveal more effective solutions to problems within your organization. As a champion of the Cause Mapping approach, you will become a valuable resource providing expertise, investigation support, and RCA program guidance within your organization. And like it or not, you will also be looked upon as an Excel Cause Mapping wizard!

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The Certified Facilitator Program Includes: 

  • Online Cause Mapping + Documentation Workshop
  • Validation of candidate's Cause Mapping knowledge and expertise in using the Excel Cause Mapping template
  • Business problems investigated
  • One-on-one coaching and training with a ThinkReliability Instructor

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